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January 15 2010

Today 2010-01-15 I found the one with the yellow stem.

January 09 2010

December 27 2009

I knew it: there was a PEZ - dextrose (Traubenzucker) release someday.http://www.collector.at
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And I thought, I'm the only one collecting PEZ ... But this guy is the Austrian PEZ-Master http://www.collector.at
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Mein Herrgottswinkel - my family altar
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December 25 2009

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Tweety and Taz Pez Set with Crystal Tweety : Pez Collectors Store, The Ultimate Pez Shopping Site!

Today 2009-12-25 was a lucky day! I found the 2 TAZ pez dispensers. Now I only have to find the Tweety pez dispenser with the pink flowered stem to complete this set.

December 18 2009

November 27 2009

November 14 2009

November 12 2009

yes!?, you want to buy that for me!? that's soooooo kind of you!
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